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Setting up a trust is one of the most tried and tested methods for protecting assets. It is an important wealth management tool, offering an extremely flexible way of maintaining the value of assets and minimising their exposure to risk while also making tax savings.

They, therefore, offer advantages in a variety of circumstances, such as ensuring property passes on to the next generation, or that money is used for a specific purpose.

The advantages of setting up a trust comes from the way it separates the ownership and management of specific assets from those who benefit from them. It involves transferring ownership of specific assets to a trustee, who must administer and manage those assets in accordance with a specific purpose or for the benefit of specific individuals. For example, a trust can be set up to protect assets against matrimonial claims, to ensure a beneficiary only inherits once they reach a certain age or so that an asset is used for a specific charitable purpose. In regards to tax planning, a trust can reduce inheritance tax liabilities.

We have one of the largest and most experienced trust management practices in Scotland, and regularly advise on the formation of tax-efficient trusts designed to meet a wide range of needs. We will help you establish a trust that is tailored to your circumstances, effectively protects your assets and ensures they are managed and used according to your wishes. We can also advise on the variation, management or winding up of trusts. More information on running a trust and financial management is available here.

Specialist Trusts Solicitors, Edinburgh

We’re dedicated to helping our clients solve problems and preserve their wealth, providing certainty of continuity. Our highly personal service reflects our culture, which is centred on integrity, trust and expertise, and the guidance we provide has been designed to be an investment, not an expense, allowing us to work with generations of the same family. For more information, please contact us today.

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